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Get In Touch With Fella If You Need A Barber In Canterbury

Kindly call us on 01227 780382 to know details about our services. All your hairdressing, styling and shaving needs can be met in Canterbury by a barber at Fella. We are equipped to provide you with a range of haircutting and styling services. Look to Fella to meet your barber requirements in Canterbury. Please call today to see how Fella's services can help you.

Describe The Barbers Of Canterbury

A person who can cut, colour or perm hair, trim beards, give shaves and even provide facials is known as a barber. The difference between a hairdresser and a barber is that a hairdresser is a hair specialist, whereas a barber also shaves customers if desired. Barbers mostly just cut hair nowadays as the prevalence of beards has declined and people usually trim their own at home. Many working stylists are legally barbers and have earned licences to work with artificial hair replacement products. Male salons have allowed traditional elements of a barbers to remain while also becoming contemporary in evolving fashion trends.

The Tools Used by a Barber in Canterbury

Every barber needs a kit containing at least eight essentials like adjustable blade clippers, a detachable blade clipper, corded trimmers, shears, blending shears, a hairstyling razor, straight razor and clipper combs. Blade clippers are used for cutting wet or dry hair, have a motor and detachable or fixed blades according to the requirements. Shears, or large scissors, made of ice tempered steel, are used for cutting hair and are available in a variety of sizes. Hair styling razors are blades that come with one or two accordion cutting edges and allow hair strands to be cut at different points where the cutting edge of the blade makes contact with the hair. Clipper combs are used when both cutting and manipulating hair and are made from either plastic or metal.

The Benefits of Visiting a Barber in Canterbury

The appearance of all customers can be improved if a barber performs the services that make them feel good and confident. Barbers, who are hair stylists, specialise in shaping hair to suit the individual's facial features, hair quality and lifestyle. Not only can the barber trim and shave beards but he can also colour, curl and straighten hair with the use of special chemicals. Some barbers offer services called hair analysis, in which they use microscopes and other devices to identify hair problems and suggest remedies. If required these barbers can also give facial and scalp massages and recommend hair care products that will suit a particular customer.

Necessary Requirements for Becoming a Barber in Canterbury

Training to be a barber or hairstylist is done in a vocational school or barber college with full-time barber courses usually taking six to twelve months to complete. All barbers and hairstylists are required to have a licence and there are qualifications needed to get this. A candidate must be at least 16 years of age and be a graduate of a barber school, to get a licence. A candidate can get an apprentice licence after graduating from barber school and should work for at least two years. To qualify for a licence to be a barber, individuals must take several tests, including a written test and a practical demonstration of their skills.